Dance E’ery Day

I’m working from San Fran this week and while I have the flexibility in my schedule and a big city at my fingertips, I’m going to take advantage of all the great dance facilities here.  It’s hard getting out of the habit of dancing… so even though this may only last this week, I’m gonna try to get after it as much as possible. My goal is to take one class a day (providing I can still walk after a couple days of this).

This morning I took class at a place called ODC. It was fabulous, I wasn’t a hot mess, and I met some really cool chicks. The place is newer so the studios are big and really nice! I’m going to check out another place tomorrow, but I definitely enjoyed my time at ODC and may return later in the week.

I asked this on my Fitness Facebook page earlier: 
What are you doing to ignite your passion this week? 
It’s only Monday, you’ve got time to figure it out : ) 
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