Deep Water Soloing

Our last couple of days in Thailand were spent rock climbing in Krabi. I’ll post photos from the sport climbing later, but first is the good stuff: Deep Water Soloing. No gear, just you, the rocks, and the water. How it works:
You hire a dude with one of these long-tail boats

to drive you out to where the water’s really deep
and the rocks are sah-weet!

It’s pretty exciting.
We are pumped.
Then you climb up.
And jump down.
And here’s one of the videos…
Equal parts scary/fun.
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  1. Your so brave, what a fun adventure! I would be too big of a chicken to have even given it a whirl!!!

  2. holy shit your life is so much more intense than mine. jealous.

  3. I’m a big ol’ baby. Never ever would have been able to do that

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