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So my BFFs and I have been doing “craft night” for a couple months. The first two nights, we made nothing, just ate dinner, drank wine, and talked for hours. The last one we did, Amanda and Bonna (her real name is Briana) made cute things for our friends with babies, and I finished work I had to do on my laptop… but I passed the scissors, and held fabric occasionally, so that counted. Tonight is our next craft night and they’ve got big projects on the agenda. I could actually participate, but I really don’t have a crafty bone in my body.

The lack of creativity is an issue as well. I don’t look at a sack of burlap and think, “Oh the possibilities for wreaths!” I don’t own a hot glue gun. I don’t have a “craft” room or even a craft drawer in my house. I wish I were more crafty, because I see the crazy cool stuff all over Pinterest (when I’m on it) and I love the things my friends create, but I’m just not drawn to do it myself. If I’ve got free time, DIY things aren’t really my top priority. If I see something super cute that I like, I buy it on Etsy. I see at more as “supporting small businesses.” And we should stick to what we’re good at, right? Because I’d rather not end up with something like this:


These things look awesome, but they either require a bunch of  time or items I don’t have (for tonight). Maybe for future craft nights?

Where did I put that electric drill?


I mean… I guess I could go hunt down some sticks from the yard?


 Maybe this? 


So… I need a project. Who’s got one that’s easy, quick, and that I could do in one night?

I’ll take any links you got!

My “DIY Projects I’ll Probably Never Do” board here.

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  1. when in doubt throw glitter or gold spray paint on something. that is what i always do

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