Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen

“I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way.”

So my cousin, Malissa and I are headed to the Lady Gaga concert in just 12 days! I’m dying over here. Can’t wait. I’m trying to get my costume ideas going so I can put something really fun together.
*I’m thinking sequins, I’m thinking golds, maybe purples, maybe silvers… I don’t know.
*Big hair? Oh yes.
*It would be really awesome to go in some metallic, geometrically inspired pair of hotpants and fishnets, buuuuut that might get a bit chilly. We’ve got to be practical, right?
Although… I’m sure I’m going to be a dancing, sweaty mess by the time we exit stage left anway, so I might be ok afterall…

This may be the best concert I’ve ever been to and I’m not even there yet. What was your most favorite/memorable concert?
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  1. Hi Amy, I’LL BE THERE TOO! I can’t wait! You may notice me in the blue wig, fake lashes, and corset top! I’m thinking of trying the lightning bolt on my face.

    You ROCK!

  2. Ohh amazing… so jelly.
    You have to don some pointy long fingernails… rock them all metalic style.
    Can’t wait to hear alll about it beauty
    p.s. umm i’m never saying the word fantastic again

  3. yes to the GLITTER!!!!!!! And please please please post photos!

  4. Ohh Cool!! Have fun at her concert!! I heard it’s really a fun time!! =)

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