Downtown San Diego…

The view from my room the first 4 days of my trip:
Doesn’t suck, huh?
Thanks, Julie for letting me stay with you!
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  1. Nope, definitely doesn’t suck!

  2. holy sheba! the first photo is amazing!

    i found you off megan’s blog, and i’m so happy to discover yet ANOTHER great blog. yours is such an eclectic mix of everything- just how I like it. Plus the health and exercise tips froma guru don’t really hurt either…

    you’ve got a keen new follower!

    love from aus 🙂
    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  3. WOW that looks beautiful! I’ve never been to San Diego, it’s somewhere that I’ve wanted to go to but I don’t know anyone there. I should just go though–it’s right in my backyard! Seattleite~ what what

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