You know when you see somebody out that you know, but you don’t know where you know them from? Happens to me all the time. I’ll see people from my 6am bootcamp (where they’re half awake and sweaty and in workout clothes), then I’ll see them at a restaurant, clean and dressed nicely. It always take a second to figure out who they are and where I know them from. Anywho…

I went to Barry’s Bootcamp , in West Hollywood, yesterday to say hey to my friend who was teaching and some other peeps I knew who were taking class. This guy steps out of the room for a sec to throw something away and I KNEW I knew him. I was about to say, “hey!” but I realized I couldn’t remember where I knew him from so I just didn’t say anything and went back to talking to my friend… Sooooo glad I kept my mouth shut.
It was Lance Bass of N’SYNC.
That could have been awkward…
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  1. bahaha! i LOVE This..you totally should have asked how JT and joey were 😉

  2. Totally awkward! But how funny would it have been! 🙂

  3. That’s awesome. You should have said hi to see his response though

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