Evening Walks…

A post on Saturday night? It’s because my man-friend is out of town for work… Aaaaaaall byyyyyy myseeeeeeelf…

Moving on: Tango and I have been trying out new paths and trails each day and evening for our walks. We’re trying to figure out our way around town (the trails, not the streets… you can find your way around the streets in about 20 minutes) and taking a new one each day has been fun and also relaxing. It’s SO pretty here. You can’t go wrong.



The only part that’s taking some getting used to around here is the abundance of wildlife that’s just chillin’ all over the place. The elk and mountain goats are cool to see all over town, and they’re pretty docile. It’s the bears I’m worried about. It’s cool to see one from the house or your car, but I’m really hoping not see a bear up close. If they hear you coming, they’re likely to head the other direction because they really don’t want to have anything to do with you (or so the locals say…). Luckily, there’s enough for them to eat around here that they’re really not interested in humans… unless you surprise one and they’re with their cubs {thumbs down emoji}. The first day I was here, I went for a trail run with Tango. Right as we were leaving the house, my man-friend yelled, “Don’t forget to make noise for the bears!” Jesus…

I hope nobody around me was hoping for a peaceful evening walk

because I’m about to be making all kinds of noise…

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