Exercise VLOG! Push Up Edition

I promised I’d do exercise videos this year, at least one per month…
I’m barely making it under the wire here, 
but it’s STILL January! 
Why are pushups important?
Because they’re perfect for getting strong arms, chest, and core, especially for us chicks.

Almost every female client of mine wants to get rid of arm flab, flatten up their bellies, and get sexy shoulders. Pushups do ALL of those, you don’t need any equipment, and the more you practice them, the better you get. Unfortunately for women, we’re not blessed with natural upper body strength. The fellas got that one. We, however, have natural lower body strength, which is why most females tend to focus on that at the gym. 

Here’s my first VLOG on how to progress into full push-ups, 
not just the modified kind on your knees. 

When you can complete the level consistently, 
(10-15 reps no problem) without sagging at the hips, 
then it’s time to progress to the next level! 
VLOG Help: 
I used Photo Booth for the video, uploaded to Vimeo but the audio didn’t sync with the video… so had to go back to just the reg version, which I can’t seem to make bigger. #rookiemistakes who knows how to fix this ish?
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  1. Love the video.

    I only knew about modified the knees and regular pushups. The toes to knees version is fantastic.

    Thanks for posting, you did a great job!

  2. awww this made me miss you!! i’m off to doing push ups now! i’m a toe pusher-upper but now i’m working on my reps!! woot!

  3. YAY!!! Give us MORE!

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