Featured! Today’s Woman Magazine

I couldn’t decide wether to use my Blue Steel or my Magnum…
so I flipped a coin.
Blue Steel it was.
You can check out Today’s Woman magazine here.
And read the article on pg. 44 here.
Thanks so much to Today’s Woman
and photographer Chet White for featuring me and my work.
All of this… and tomorrow is Friday.
It’s a good day.
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  1. HOLEY CRAP! You’re on a cover?! omg – you look amazing!

    totally reading the article!

    i hope you celebrated your cover debut appropriately – with lots of partying!!!

    love you and your blue steel glamour shot!

  2. what?! awesome. you are supe hot. but i’m sure they wouldn’t put you on the cover if you weren’t…

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! You look great (as usual)!!!!

  4. what the what? SO AWESOME! YOU GO GIRL!!!

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