Filling this out… because it’s Monday and that’s all I got.

…and a fun photo. Because sometimes you need a little something like this to get you into blogger mode.


Outline snagged from Bridget. She even posted it today… I’m copying same day… #facepalm


Making: Orzo Pasta is on the menu tonight. Quick and easy! Also because I never posted the recipe on here (like I promised some peeps I would do) and need to take photos.

Drinking: Lemonade… because Summer.

Reading: Still trying to get through “The Dragon’s Triangle,” but thinking about breaking my book rules and skipping ahead to “Wild.” ¬†Need to read that ish before the movie comes out soon.

Wanting: The temperature to drop below 90 degrees… I’m all for summer hanging around, I just want to be able to play outside for more than 10 minutes, and be able to breathe at the same time.

Watching: Still trying to get caught up on Grey’s. I heard Burke came back so trying to get to that point. Only 15 episodes to go. sigh.

Eating: Funfetti cupcakes (minus the Rainbow Chip icing that Betty Crocker has discontinued) that my BFF made for my birthday last week.

Smelling: My laundry being finished… mmm, dryer sheets.

Wanting: A new travel mug for my tea. My morning routine has been thrown off since my last one (stupid $27 Heine Bros thermos that I got while trying to be all “buy local”) broke.

Enjoying: The fact that I had a great long weekend home last weekend. AND I get another one this weekend! Already planning on getting another 11 hours of sleep Friday and Saturday night again.

Loving: The fact that I’m an adult (I’m grown!) and didn’t have to go back to school last week. Such a cruel way to spend the rest of August, sitting in a classroom. It’s crazy that the first day keeps creeping further into August each year. The kids went back on the 13th here! Thumbs down.

Hoping: That my next ballet class will be better than today’s. We were strapped for time because of a delay, but there’s never a time when it’s ok for the barre warm-up to go 1) Plies. 2) Fondus. 3) Frappes 4). Battements. 5) Long stretch. Am I right?! (need some validation from other ballet dancers here…)

Needing: To find a widget that will post all the blogs I read onto a handy little list in my sidebar. I miss mine that I had when I was using Blogger. Can anybody recommend a good one?

Feeling: Hot. There’s no other feeling right now, in this heat, other than “hot as balls.” No matter where you are, it’s just hot.

Wearing: This new “Earn It” tank top that TRX came out with last week! I’ll post the link when it’s available online.¬†



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