Five Podcast Episodes Strong Women Will LOVE


I love listening to podcasts and subscribe to all the ones listed here. These 5 specific episodes though are now among my favorites. They stood out as ones that I personally relate to and know that several of my girlfriends and colleagues would probably benefit from them as well. Most of the episodes listed are between 20 and 45 minutes. If you’ve got a dog to walk, a stroller to push, a run to get in, a drive in to the office to make, or an all-nighter to pull, you’ll love to have any of these five episodes accompany you.

In no particular order:


The Broad Experience: Episode 78 – “Unpacking Sexual Harassment”

I’ve raved about this podcast before, but I really love it and hope you ladies take a little time to listen to this episode and any others in this series. This episode especially stood out because it discusses the various types of harassment in the workplace; it doesn’t always take the form of “trading sexual favors for promotions.” ¬†Raise your hand if you’ve ever been creeped out by the boss putting his hand on your low back… Or experienced the power play of being interrupted time and time again while you’re speaking or presenting in front of a group. I personally love when colleagues insinuate that my success in the fitness industry is due solely to the person I’m in a relationship with. The host of the show, Ashley Milne-Tyte, and her guests talk about the various ways colleagues assert their status and control in the workplace and the toll it takes on women… and men. (22 Minutes)


Dear Sugar Radio: “Powerful Women and the Men Who Love Them”

This is a serious but also funny episode about women who are breadwinners in their relationships and “how their husbands are doing.” If you love Cheryl Strayed, you’ll love listening to her and her co-host Steve Almond address these real-life scenarios. She even brings her husband on as guest to talk about “how he’s coping” after all her success… All jokes aside, the podcast and the men that are speaking on these topics are very refreshing. (36 Minutes – some adult language)



She + Her: Episode 3 – “Love Thy Spouse, But What About Their Name?”

This is a great episode about women who are soon-to-be or currently married, and why they chose to take their partners’ names… or not. This episode hit me hard, in a good way. When I got married I was dying to take my husband’s name. As soon as I changed it though, I knew I wanted my name back. I felt no ill will for my husband, his family, or the name itself, I just felt like my entire identity had changed and everything I’d been up until that time was gone. (Not to mention the fact that it’s a HUGE pain in the ass to change it, and most guys would never even consider changing their names, which doesn’t seem fair to me.) I have my maiden name back and won’t be changing it agin, but everybody’s reasons for keeping or changing their name are different, and all of them are right. Everybody should do what makes them happy and it was really cool to hear all the different stories the guests told along with their reasoning. ¬†(36 Minutes)



Magic Lessions: Episode 1 & 2 – “Do What Ignites Your Soul” & “Pursue Your Passions Like a Mofo.”

This 12 series podcast from Liz Gilbert was really great in helping me get out of a funk last year. If you don’t have time for all 12 episodes, the first two will do the trick. The first two episodes tackle issues that I think every woman relates with: Finding what fires you up creatively (especially in down times) and pursuing your passions and being a mother. AT THE SAME TIME. < – – Wha?! I know. Listen to it. You’ll love it. (20 minutes and 16 minutes – Some adult language)

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