Five Reasons Today Rocks

~I’m off to Texas this weekend to teach another awesome 8-hour TRX Training Course, so I’ll catch up with you guys on Monday! Happy Friday!
Here are 5 reasons today rocks:
1. One of my clients had a 5 week assessment today. She’s lost 4 pounds and 6 and a half inches so far because she works hard! She does what I tell her, she gets results. YES.

2. The St. James Court Art Fair is this weekend and I’m going with my mom later! This is an art event that brings all kinds of artists from all over the country to Louisville every first weekend in October, every year. I’ve missed it for the past 4 years and CAN’T WAIT to go again! And I get to hang out with my mom. Double Score.

3. Committed, the book I’m reading is REALLY good. I’m flying this weekend. I need a GOOD book with me when I fly, because flying freaks me the heck out. And I do a lot of flying. If the book sucks, I start thinking about my plane falling out of the sky. GOOD BOOKS ROCK.

4. The Inner Strength Bootcamp Happy Hour part-ay is tonight!!! All of our past, present, and maybe future bootcampers get the chance to mingle and have fun whilst smelling and dressing nice. I may not be recognizable tonight.

5. I get to hang out with my husband tonight! We haven’t seen a lot of each other lately because I work late every night with classes/clients and have been out of town the past 6 weekends in a row. So tonight, we’re getting fancy for the party and I get to show him off (because he’s awesome) to all my bootcamp pals. – photo by 927 Photography. duh.

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  1. Oh this all sounds like fun.
    Wishin’ my weekend sounds like yours does:)
    Happy days off and together to you!
    (Love that shot of you 2 – it’s great!)

  2. That’s so awesome! Congrats to you and your client!

    Love Grace.

  3. The Moon
    on a cat


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    My Poems

    My wallpaper art Babes!)


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