Five Unsolved Mysteries (of being a chick).

1. Why is it that no matter how thorough you are while shaving your legs, there’s always that patch of space on the back of your thigh that never seems to get shaved?

2. Why is it that you always seem to run out of the most expensive self-care items that you need (razor blades, moisturizer, makeup) all at the same time… even though they all seem to be used in different quantities? And guys wonder why we spend so much money at Target…

3. Why is it that when you unexpectedly get “Lady Time” it’s never while you’re wearing dark colored underwear? It’s almost certain that you’re wearing really cute/sexy, light colored ones that will then be ruined.
*It’s also these ruined garments that your dog completely ignores when he decides to chew on a pair…

4. Why is that installation of anything electronic never works the first time (TV, DVD player, Kindle, internet modem, etc), no matter how completely you’ve read the instructions? Then a guy looks at it and makes it work in about 3.5 seconds…

5. Why is it that when you’re in a hurry, all the traffic lights seem to be red, but when you need a red light to have use of both hands (to put your hair back, apply mascara, find something in your purse) it’s nothing but green lights and smooth sailing?

Are there others that you would add to the list?
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  1. haha hilarious! i discovered a patch of hair long enough to braid behind my knee today. sexy.

  2. I always seem to miss a patch of hair right by my ankle. and then I go back with my dry razor to get it, and get razor burn. yay.

  3. SO TRUE! I hhhhhhhhhhhhhhattte all this!!!

    Especially the redlight/green light stuff.

  4. all of these things! and really, shaving is the worst. i hate it. ugh.

  5. 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yes
    4. yes
    5. yes

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