Flying for 23 hours sucks.

But it’s totally worth it to come to Thailand. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that until I got here. My 14.5 hour flight from NYC wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t awesome. I then got to Tokyo and had a 7 hour flight from there to Bangkok. That one was better because I scored a row of 2 seats to myself. Yessss. Then the last flight to Phuket was a quick 1.5 hour jump. No biggie and by then, I was just excited to get here. Here are some photos I took with my phone:
If you follow me on twitter, you saw this post.
My plane had a 2nd floor.
This thing is huge.
And completely too big to stay in the air.
It’s just unnatural.

The view is kind of nice though…

We had 3 meals on this flight!
All pretty yummy.
Yay for free wine.

Good to know that in Tokyo,
you can always get your ish
sprayed off after you use the bathroom.

More to come…
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  1. Great recap post!!!!! looks awesome over there!!!!

    Props to you for all the flying…I HATE THAT!!!


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