Flying Squirrels… In Progress

Every Wednesday my friend/colleague Chris and I meet up in the park for a little trainer jam session. We do a workout, tell stories, talk ish, and try to one up each other. It’s a good time. He sent me this video of a “flying squirrel” suggesting we add it to our routine… It looks like this:

Here’s my first attempt:
sidenote – it’s harder when you’re laughing.
I’m almost there.
…should have it by Friday.
Other sidenote – he wouldn’t let me post his video. I’m hoping his wife, Kara will talk him into letting me show it…
Last sidenote (swear) – I don’t have a man-voice in real life… was trying to imitate the first video
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  1. This is OUT of CONTROL…you do realize that, right?

  2. Hysterical! I bet all that laughing helped work your core real good.

  3. @mad , yep. that’s why we’re trying it. duh. ; )
    @sara, you know it! haha good times.

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