Freakin’ Weekend…

Is this anybody else this weekend?

I need to catch up on Grey’s, watch a couple eps of Entourage from last season, go to yoga… oh, and prep for the week ahead. New bootcamps starting, new clients, assessments on all the standing clients, South Carolina travel prep, etc. It’s gonna be a pretty big Sunday. Might go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Not sure if I’ll have enough time…
Also, the winner of my Personal Training Giveaway is:
Joann Mattingly!
Thanks to Crystal V. for entering you! : )
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  1. stiiiil heartbroken over missing you in SC…booo! but totally hear you about the weekend….went back to my alma mader for a game yesterday and spent today being a sloth on the couch! 😉

  2. i love that your Sunday-night to-do list involved watching tv and yoga. can we trade lives?

    p.s. i bet i could bounce quarters off your ass. i’m in the freaking air force and i’m sure you’re in better shape than me. why, you ask? because i’m one of those people that has to literally threaten myself with horrible things in order to “motivate” me to do cardio. you’re an inspiration to us all. (:

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