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Friday Confessions…

“I Confess” theme by Carissa
  • I confess that I’d really like to film workouts/exercises to give to you guys but every time I think about filming myself outside at the park or something I immediate feel like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite (filming himself throwing the football) and talk myself out of it. #Douche I promise to get over it soon and give you guys some cool workout content. 
  • I confess that twice this week I’ve gotten into bed at 8pm and not felt bad about it. 
  • I confess that sweets are my vice. Especially chocolate. And trying not to eat sweets is really hard. But I’m doing good… #photoshootnextweeklitafireundermyass
  • I confess that I’ve flown into Philadelphia three times now for work outside of the city and STILL have never been into downtown. I plan to remedy that this week. Any good restaurant/site recommendations? 
  • I confess that it took me over a year to read all three books in the Millenium Series (aka Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books), but I’m finally done. As of last night. You’d have thought I was reading War and Peace. Alas… #victoryismine 
  • I confess that I went into Lululemon yesterday, even though I put myself on a spending freeze, and bought this top. Damnit. 
What do you confess this week? 
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  1. hahaha so brutal walking by a favorite store when on a spending freeze, i’d break too.

    can’t wait til you make us some vids!

  2. Nate mcmullen says:

    If you don’t run the steps like rocky in downtown philly ill whoop your ass! Make a video of that shit fo sho! Eat one of those BIG ASS cheese steaks, and take a picture of your butt crack next to the liberty bell! Hahahaha I love you and have fun

    P.S. I bet you 100$ that I can throw this football over that mountain!

  3. My husband is almost finished reading the Millenium series as well and it’s taken him about a year too, so don’t feel bad.
    And I’m anxiously awaiting your workout videos… I’m in need of some fitness inspiration 🙂

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