Friday: Love On Top

Before you do anything, press play on this song:
Cue Dance Party
This song is my JAM right now. I love it. I wish there was music video and dance to watch like the Single Ladies video. I would learn it. And video myself doing it. And post it here. Maybe… This is now my ringtone. I dare you to listen to this and not dance. Can’t be done. This song is what my classes have been doing abs to all week. Aaaand probably will be using for the next couple weeks.
Do you guys have any must-haves right now on your playlists?
In case you didn’t see it.
B-town sang this song at the VMAs
and announced her pregnancy.
Uber cute.
I’ll probably do the same thing whenever I get preggo.
You probably want to listen to it again already… Am I right?
Happy Friday!
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  1. Anonymous says

    I can’t dance, but I sure am MOVIN!!! 😉

  2. can i just say that we are twins to the max?

    NO LIE – i have been jamming almost every morning to this song. by far my current FAV!

    happy sunday doll!

  3. I LOVED that performance! So cute!

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