Hooty Hoo! It’s Friday! Has this seemed like a week that was entirely too long? Good. Agreed.
Cue Jazz Hands:

I’m headed to Cincinnati today to pass a new stage of certification and teach an entirely new kind of TRX course than I’m used to teaching. Which means that in order to pass, I’ll be teaching it UNDER OBSERVATION. Which means I’ll be presenting for 8 hours, and my colleague will be sitting nearby, scrutinizing my every word/move. Then writing it down on her score sheets. No pressure. NBD. But I’ve been studying my ace off so hopefully it will go smoothly and I’ll be moving on up the TRX Course Instructor Bad-ass ladder.
To ease the nerves though, I’ll be meeting up with one of my college buds, Matty, tonight. He’s apparantly taking me to a “gourmet hotdog” restaurant. I had no idea such a restaurant existed. Apparently the have a hotdog named, “the Jesse Spano.” (I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… so… scaaaared. Anyone?) Thoughts? Anywho, he’s a hot mess so it’s sure to a fun night.
Hope you guys have an amazing weekend ahead of you! Woot woot!
Aaaaand scene.
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  1. Tracy Collopy says

    Good luck, Ami! No doubt you’ll be awesome!
    Hahaha! Yes!! Used to LOVE Saved By The Bell! I’m sure by now I’ve seen almost every episode with that cast. Lol.
    Safe travels!

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