Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley and another Ashley

Dear Bootcampers, yay for making it through the first week of this new camp. Especially you newbies… you came back even though you were so sore you thought you’d never sit without pain again. High five!

Dear Tango’s Fur… it would be AWESOME if you would either stay on Tango, or just fall off when he’s outside. The white fur all over black interior of my car is NOT my jam. That ish does not vacuum out for anything.

Dear $3 Car Wash on Dixie Hwy, thank you for having complimentary vacuums and for having a completely inattentive staff that doesn’t monitor the 10-minute limit rule. Tango fur takes at least an hour…

Dear Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and TI. Thank you for the best jam ever. I’m STILL rockin’ you on repeat.  #blurredlines

Dear Salt at the O’hare Breakfast Place, I have no earthly idea how you got into my eye, but you stung like the dickens for a good 5 minutes. I’m super excited to look like I’m crying while eating breakfast at the airport. Not.

Dear 4am. You can eat a d***. Nobody should ever have to wake up during your hour. Unless it’s for something really good.

Dear United Airlines, thank you for opening up some flights last minute so I could use my miles and see my man-friend this weekend… even if I had to wake up at 4am today…

Happy Friday, e’erybody! 
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  1. so, at least the 4am wake up was for a good reason? unless you don’t actually enjoy seeing your man friend 😉

  2. Even though Fifty is mostly brown, he only seems to shed white fur. Our car is such a mess that we’ll have to burn it. That shiz definitely doesn’t vacuum out.

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