Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters theme borrowed from Ashley K
who borrowed from Ashley S
Dear TRX, Thanks for bringing me to your team all those years ago and letting me share education to help e’erbody move BETTER. You rock my world… and being a Presenter KICKS ASS. 
Dear Reebok and Empower Fusion, thanks for hookin’ us up with these sweet new kicks! My feet are stoked. ; )  #beingapresenterkicksass
Dear Presenter VIP Room, I’m thankful you’re stocked with lots of healthy snacks… and Snickers bars. 
Dear Intercontinental Hotel, thank you for your giant mirror in the elevator that I can’t stop using. And your waterfall shower head. And for the cute bird decor in my room. You are my latest hotel jam. 
Dear Shana Martin, thanks for having my same sense of humor (mostly dirty joke humor). #TRXpartnerincrime

Dear Shana and Peter, good job on those Tabata intervals. I’m glad I just sat there and watched instead.

Dear Red Rock Canyon in Vegas, get ready. I’m about to climb all over you for the next few days. 
Dear Sun, I’m looking forward to seeing you again. It’s been a while. 
Dear Skin, I’m sorry. You’re probably going to get slightly burned this weekend, even though I’ll use sunscreen. I don’t care. You’re getting more color one way or another. And spray tans just aren’t my jam. #trieditthreetimesandalwayslookedbad
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  1. Dear Ami – your letters will all very happy. I like that.

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