Friday’s Letters

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Dear TRX Bootcampers, I’m so stoked about finishing another session. Y’all are beasts!

Dear Susan and Justine, I’m glad there was so much team work involved in getting that bottle opened at the Wine Down last night. ; )

IMG_1233 2

Dear Polar Heart Rate Monitor Battery, I wish you were as easy to change as the video makes you out to be. It would be awesome if I could get the old battery OUT. #needsmallerfingers

Dear Bali, I’m super excited to be heading your way tomorrow, but I wish you were closer.

Dear Chicago, London, Bangkok, Singapore, and Tokyo, I will be visiting you on my way to and from Bali, but not actually stepping foot outside your airports…¬†one of these days though, I’ll be back.

Dear Divergent & If I Stay, I bought you to read on the plane so you’d better not disappoint.

Dear Ankles, I’m sorry that you’ll be looking more like cankles for the next couple days… #toomuchsittinginmyfuture


Dear Suitcase, you’ve been outside my house 180 days this year and only inside of it 90+ days. Can’t you pack yourself yet?


Dear Tango, the worst part of traveling is leaving you. Sooooo let’s have some really long walks and play time today and tomorrow before I go!


Dear Man-friend. I’ll see you in Bali in 3 days!!


Love, Ami

Happy Friday, peeps!

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