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Dear Erin Quinlan, YOU WON!! I’ll email you to get your addy to ship your new Suspension Trainer but wanted to make sure you got your own shoutout and announcement here. Congrats, girl! : )

Dear Everybody Who Entered the Giveaway, I’m sorry I don’t have 140 TRXs to give away. That would have been way cooler. If you’re still wanting your own though, you can click here to get the TRX Home Kit for %15 off ($169!), + a free workout download

Dear Tango’s fleas, I don’t know where you came from but Tango and I have had 6 years together without you and you’re not welcome. We’ve drowned you with Advantage flea shampoo. We’ve thrown on two new coats of Frontline, yet there are still some of you f’ers jumping around. I hope you all die. Soon. #sorrynotsorry

Dear Heebie Jeebies, I finally got rid of you after finding that spider in my hair a month ago. Now you’re back because of the fleas and I don’t like you either. Any time a slight hair touches my arm I flip out. Go on somewhere.

Dear new Flash Fit Club members, I love that as you’re signing up and filling out the survey questions,  I’m discovering a lot of you are fellow fitness pros that are just wanting to make time for your own workouts. Focusing on yourself is important and I’m glad you’re trusting me to help you out. Thanks. #fistbump

Dear Anybody Thinking of Joining the Flash Fit Clubs, you can get the deets by clicking here

Dear Man-Friend, sending me a package of sessions for the climbing gym instead of sending me flowers was huge. Major points were scored, man-friend. Major points.

Dear United Airlines, I just booked my tickets for Bangkok and am pumped to see I get wifi on two of the OVERSEAS flights and I get to fly in the new Dreamliner on one of them. I’ll be your best friend if you upgrade me to first class on any of those. Just sayin…

Dear Labor Day Weekend, I’m excited you’re here. Long weekend + beach time + Mariah’s baby scheduled to be delivered + tap class with my buds + lots of time to finish prepping the Fit Club launch = best weekend ever.


Have a great weekend!


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