Friday’s Letters

“Friday’s Letters” theme by Ashley

Dear Jet Lag, I’m glad you haven’t been that bad this go-around. You’re making me go to be at 8pm and wake up rested at 6am… getting tons of ish done. #productivity

Dear Grass In Our Yard, slow your roll! Your growth process is outta control. Slowing just a little would be great. I really don’t enjoy mowing you e’ery week. KThanksBye.

Dear John Berardi, thanks for your Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook. It’s my new jam and slowly getting me back to cooking on a regular basis. High Five.

Dear Italy, I miss you already. Your large meals, your language, your wine, your people, your desserts were all my jam for the past week and I’d kinda like to see you again already…

Dear To-Do List, you suck today. But get ready to get your ass handed to you. Because I have the whole day to conquer you and I’m feelin’ good (see first letter above). Look out.

Dear Ballet, I miss you. We’re getting reacquainted at 10am this morning and it’s probably going to be really difficult. I’m looking forward to the foot cramps though… let’s do this!

Happy Friday! 
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  1. Quick growing grass sucks. I hate it.

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