Friends, I need your help. This is serious.

So my boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, will be meeting my friends soon (’cause we’re at that point in the relationship). He’s a little nervous on how to look when we all go out. I told him not to worry, but you know how boys get when it’s serious. So to ease his mind I took some photos of him in different looks this week and I’ll let you guys decide which we should go with…

1. We’ve got the “after work” but casual look.

2. The “bad boy” casual look…
or 3. The purely “professional” look.

I mean, he’s so stressed, he’s thinking of wearing nothing at all.
Which I wouldn’t necessarily complain about…

What do you guys think?

I don’t even know how this last one got in there… oops.
; )

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  1. So I guess this means Matthew is free?? Best news I’ve heard all year! Back to Ryan I doubt your friends would judge him by how he looks.

  2. hot diggity dawg! so he’s cheating on me then?! hehe. so so so cute!

  3. made. my. morning.

  4. The after work pic (#1), I think would be the best for meeting your friends. That way he doesn’t come off as too stuffy (in a suit), or lacking ambition (bad boy look).


    I can understand why he is a bit nervous, since they will be sizing him up to see if they feel he measures up to you/compliments you. (In their opinion ) Meeting the friends for the first time with your significant other can be a little nerve wracking so I hope it all goes well!

  5. nice photoshop work…next time at least ask before you put that dude’s head on my (2007) torso

  6. hahaha he is extremely good looking 🙂

  7. Can we share him?! He is so hot!

  8. Yummmmmmmm… Thanks for the pics. Makes me happy! 🙂 And he’s my boyfriend too.

  9. NOTHING! sounds like a great outfit to me!

  10. Bahahaha…you are too awesome! Thanks for this…needed it today:)
    And I vote for number 1….BUT…that said- all are winners with me;)

  11. Just stop. I lusted throughout the entire Crazy Stupid Love movie.

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