From Blog to Vlog

Ok, fellow bloggers. I need your help. 
one of my Resos for this year is to finally give you guys some exercise vlogs. 
Better late than never, eh? 
(is 2.5 yrs considered late?)
Aside from shooting with my video camera, 
then uploading onto my computer, 
then uploading onto youtube, 
how do I just shoot from the camera on my mac? 
Thanks in advance for your advice! 
I’ll pay you back with sweet videos. ; ) 
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  1. Do you have MacBook pro?

    My MAC has it’s own camera/video application that I use often.

    I just push the record button, start my video and then push the stop at the end. The video immediatly is saved into my library.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks, lady. Yes, I have the macbook pro… but where is the record button? Which program are you using?

  3. Have you tried your imovie app?

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