Fund for the Arts Showcase & Campaign Kickoff!

I was lucky to be invited to the annual Fund for the Arts Showcase and Campaign Kickoff and was delighted to accept! Louisville may seem like a small town to many but we have one of the best arts scenes in the country. Symphony, Theatre, Dance, Opera, etc. Louisville has it all and is always a stop along the way for any tour that happens to be cruising the country/world.

Growing up as a dancer in Louisville, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by so many avenues that supported the arts. I was fortunate to attend and graduate from the Youth Performing Arts School, do commercials for Stage One, attend performances by Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, and get tickets to many, many shows that came to the Kentucky Center for the Arts. I still take classes at the Louisville Ballet School. The arts are kind of a big deal to me.

The bigger this fund gets, 
the more arts, the more arts jobs, the more arts education 
for those living in and around this city! 
Here’s a look at the event: 

My girlfriend, Abby was there as well! 
A fellow dancer who works the Kentucky Center.

First up, a performance by the Louisville Youth Choir

“Oh Freedom” by the Kentucky Opera

A scene from The Nutcracker, by the Louisville Ballet
I was so enthralled by the dancing, I almost forgot to shoot a photo! 
Took this at the last second.

A scene from Hamlet by Kentucky Shakespeare

Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal was so much fun
when performed by the Louisville Youth Orchestra 
Actors Theatre of Louisville presenting a scene from 
Pirates of Penzance – which I hear is hilarious! 

An excellent performance by the children from Walden Theatre
And Mr. Jenkins from the Louisville Visual Art Association
who started with this: 
And by the end of the performance had this: 
Lastly, Louisville native, Andrea Davidson
And no event like this is complete without a stop to the sponsor backdrop. 
(Amanda was my date to the event.)

And we’ll just go ahead and throw in a selfie for good measure…
Lastly, I believe I’ll switch my title to “Internet Journalist.”
; ) 
To donate to the Fund for the Arts, click here
and support the connection of the 
people of this community with the creative world. 
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  1. Thank you for coming out and spending your lunch hour with us and for blogging about it! The photos are great!

    hope to see you around at more Arts Events this season.


  2. I was at the event as well and found it to be wonderful. What a great city we have, in part because of the arts and the Fund for the Arts. Thank you for writing about the event. Glad that your education exposed you to the arts and left such a positive impression.

  3. I have the honor of “producing” this show each year. I put producing in quotes only because I mostly just bring people together and keep communication flowing and the professional artists and stage folks make it all happen. It is such an incredible event involving so many artists and arts professionals working together to pull something amazing off. And a great birds eye view of why the Arts in Louisville thrive – we collaborate! Thanks for blogging about it!

  4. Thanks for attending our event and helping spread the word about how awesome the Louisville Arts scene is!

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