Get a Workout Buddy… It Helps

There’s a ton of research out there showing how much you benefit from having a workout buddy. So find somebody that you enjoy (important) and has a similar goal, then break out your day-planners to get a schedule in the works! 
Benefits of having a Workout Bud: 
#1: You’re more likely to stick with a set schedule!
      (consistency is the BEST way to see results quickly)

#2: You will push yourself more if there’s somebody else there that also needs pushing! 

       Motivation is key!

#3: If you both have similar goals, you’ll reach them faster than if you were alone!
      Stick together with your plan and you’ll be successful. 
      *Throwback to the years where you and your BFF each had a piece of the broken heart necklace.
      SAME thing! Kind of…     

#4: If you’re at a similar level, neither will feel discouraged!
      You can progress together, without feeling embarrassed. 

#5: It’s built-in social time with your buddy! 
      (Be careful, this one can backfire – > too much chatting, not enough working)
      (Talkin’ to you, Chris)

Workout Buddy: Crystal
We do hot yoga together and have Kinect Dance Parties

thank goodness for instagram and b&w photos that make you look decent post-hot yoga

Workout Buddy: Tango
We run together. He chases squirrels. I chase him. 
Good times had by all. 
This photo was post-run. On a Friday. When I have a beer. 

Workout Buddies: Kara and Chris
Fellow fitness industry peeps. 
We try to get together for park/gym workouts once a week.
It’s sporadic because of our travel schedules, but still awesome. 
photo stolen from facebook
EXCEPT when they go to Thailand for 2 weeks and leave me hangin’…
Thanks, guys. Thanks. 
Don’t worry. I’ve got other buds. I’m ok 
; )
Moral of the Story: Get a buddy and get after it! 
You’ll be so pumped you can both go run around in the meadow and bask in the glow of your success. Like this: 
Do you have a workout buddy?  
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