Ghetto Skyping

Me, Bonna, and Amanda are trying to finalize the BFF 2012 trip details… 
I Skype, they don’t. 
SO they download Skype so we can have a 3 -way convo. 
Then this happened:
Bonna’s video wouldn’t work. 
Then we discovered you can’t 3-way without paying for it. 
Amanda and I pay for it, Bonna can’t from her iPhone. 
I decide to speakerphone Bonna from a regular call so Amanda can hear her. 
THEN we decide to FaceTime Bonna from my iPhone, 
point her face at my computer, so she can us, we can see her, etc. 
But it worked. 
Amanda’s hubs, Josh laughed at us. 
My arm got tired. 
This is what it looked like: 
See Bonna’s tiny little head on my iPhone screen? 
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  1. pahaha I hate when Skype 3 way doesn’t work out but you MUST try Google Hangouts – you can have as many people as you want and it always turns out hilarious!

  2. The little head on the iphone is hysterical!

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