Giant Naked Man sighting…

Sooooo we’ve got a new addition to Main St. 
He’s tall, handsome, 
has a sculpted physique, 
and is ALWAYS stark naked. 
Hello, David. 
Welcome to KY.
There’s a KY jelly joke in here somewhere… just not sure where.

If you happen to be living in, traveling through Louisville any time soon, do yourself a favor and head down to Main and 7th. This giant fella is just a couple blocks down from our giant baseball bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum. Too bad we don’t have the world’s largest ball of twine… you’d be set. 

Me and Dave
Tamara and Dave (‘s parts!) 
Good times…
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  1. oh my!! he is quite large and gold! haha

    too funny!

  2. christy says

    SHEW….saw the title and thought you had stopped by unannounced a got a glimpse of the hubs…. :o)

  3. hee hee. Ps.. love that you’re a dancer.

  4. Found you through Megan’s blog. You had me at, “I’m a 27-year-old KY girl (as in the state, not the jelly)”

    Seriously…I’m that easy.

    That is one giant, gold man – with what looks like small parts. Typical.

  5. Hi Ami! Found you via Megan, but was SO EXCITED to find out you were a KY blogger, and even more excited that you’re a Louisville gal. It’s about time I found a blogger in the same town! I didn’t know we had a David statue; I’ll have to get check him out. ha.

  6. Random fact of the day – we hae an exchange student staying with us right now and he’s from the town in the US with the largest ball of twine. Odd.

  7. He’s so shiny! I want to climb him.

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