Gift Ideas for the Active!

The Holidays are upon us! Here are some of my favorite items that make wonderful gifts for the active person you’re gift-searching for:
TRX – duh. Because it’s all about body-weight training, functional/multi-planar movement, versatility, and efficiency. Need a 20 minute kick-ass workout? No biggie. Have a shoulder injury? Bring it on! (You’re in charge of resistance!) Don’t have a gym membership? Pshaw! You don’t need one! This is what you need. Price Range: $189+. Buy it. They’re %20 off with free shipping until December 12th when you type the code TRXMAS at checkout.

Vibram Five Fingers – because your feet were made to move, not be still in some crazy shoe. And since it’s publically banned (in most places) to cruise around barefoot, people need these!
Exclaimer: Don’t buy these for anybody with foot issues (joint/skeletal) or for running on concrete/asphalt. They won’t help. I wrote about these a while back. Price range: $70-$80. Buy it.
Heart Rate Monitor – Because you need to know what you’re training zones are and if you’re staying in them. The monitor helps you to train correctly and safely! Prices range from $50-$400, if you’re crazy. I wrote about it a while back. Buy it.

iPod Shuffle – Because people need motivation! And music is the best kind! And because iPhones are HUGE and don’t belong on your arm. These guys are tiny and they clip on to your shirt/pants. Price: $50. Buy it.

Workout clothing gift cards! – Don’t go purchasing clothing for anybody. You have no idea what they want or how they need things to feel for their particular training. So gift card them! My top workout lines: Lululemon Athletica, Under Armour, Reebok. Price Range: However much you want!
Happy shopping!
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