Girl’s Day

I’ve been M.I.A. these past few days because my BFF, Amanda came into town this weekend. This gave us the excuse needed for a game night Friday and Girl’s Day Saturday! We went shopping at the Arts/Crafts festival, Glendale Days, where I scored an awesome new trunk for the house ($15!). Then we went to the outlet store for some shopping where I scored these completely amazing Born boots (you’re jealous, aren’t you?). We then hit the streets of St. Matthews for some martinis and dancing. Great day! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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  1. Yes.
    Sounds like a super fun weekend!

  2. yep, cute boots. they are the ish, you are right.

  3. sounds like a blast! & love the boots!

  4. Oh my, these are the most beautiful boots ever!

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