Greece: Pt. 2!

For those of you that are just arriving: I’m a Master Trainer for TRX. (Which means I teach the training courses for other personal trainers and group instructors that want to teach classes using the TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer.) There are several master trainers all over the globe and once a year, we all get together for the Summit, a 3 day event for learning, playing, bonding. It’s the ish. Last year’s Summit was in Thailand. This year’s was in Mykonos, Greece. Darn…
moving on:
So after we all got settled, acquainted with the European instructors,
and sloshed reunited with the ones we already knew…
Summit started!
We woke up early for our first Rip Trainer workout
on the beach
(as every morning at Summit starts)
OK, now we’re awake
I love Europe.
And the Portuguese-ians
; )
We have a tradition of rushing the water
as soon as the workout’s done.
I obviously didn’t take my camera with me for that,
but got a shot of Kari, taking a shot of me, taking a shot of her
; )
Oh, the Germans and their sense of humor…
: )
end of Day 2…
Part 1 here.
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  1. Beautiful shots! Looks like you had a wonderful time. It’s too bad they send you to these horrible places each year 😉

  2. There little primary colored swim trunks are killing me! WOW.

  3. You have basically the best job in the entire world! Jealous!!!

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