Greece: Pt. 3!

Because the creator of the TRX was a Navy S.E.A.L, and his experiences there led him to create the Suspension Trainer, day 2 of the Summit involved a Navy S.E.A.L “Experience”… (which basically had us all scared shitless)
We had no idea how Randy was going to try to kill us… Swim to the buoys and back with our hand tied behind our backs?! Tread water for an hour with no hands and weights on our waists?! Endure sub-zero water temps for a long ass time?!  We’ve heard the stories. We know (or think we know) what shit goes down in S.E.A.L training. We’re dead, for SURE. But it wasn’t bad at all!  More team building/problem solving stuff, just in a physically active setting. It ended up being REALLY fun.
Except for when people couldn’t count… and we had to do
a shit ton of pushups and leg kicks:
Running, diving in the water, rolling in the sand = good times, great fun!
The team run up the hill carrying small boulders was hard, but not impossible.
And heading up that same hill with at least two feet off the ground at all times wasn’t
as bad either… but probably because I got carried half the time.
; )
But we all did it!
We completed the challenges with our teams. And had a damn fine view at the top of the hill as our reward.
All photos by Frank Addelia
And here’s a quick video Frankie put together that gives you a peek of how we rolled:
(because it’s a Facebook video and impossible to resize, it’s really wide, so make your screen as big as possible if you can’t see the whole thing!)
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  1. You guys are hardcore! I would have been back at the hotel sipping a mojito 🙂

  2. whoa so hardcore, damn impressive!

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