Greetings From Vietnam!

We had a TRX Summit in Hong Kong last weekend and decided to tack on a honeymoon trip (since we got married 10 months ago) to a country nearby since we were already going to be halfway across the world and didn’t want to have jet-lag for nothing.

We are 11 hours off our regular time zone and enjoying every minute of it at an amazing little resort in central Vietnam (more on that later). Each villa gets bikes to travel around in and, although they’re fit for people a little smaller than us, we love riding them around every day!

There was a typhoon here recently so a lot of things we were looking forward to doing – hikes to waterfalls, snorkeling at a nearby island, swimming at the beach – aren’t possibilities because the areas are all closed due to weather damage. It’s also rained most of the time we’ve been in Asia because it’s just that time of year. The good news – we have to relax and do nothing. We watched episode one of Ken Burn’s Vietnam War documentary last night and will probably catch the next tomorrow when the rain comes back.

But for now, here I am blogging by the pool. And reading all the other blogs I used to read every day. And commenting on their posts like it’s 2010 when people still commented. And trying not to get too sunburned in our small window of sunshine. I’m going to anyway though because I’m bound and determined to go back to winter in the Canadian Rockies with a got-damned tan.

That’s all for now! Happy Weekend!

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