Guest Post: Run With Me!

Sooo pumped to have the gorgeous Ashley K from Run With Me here today! Follow her. She’s fab.

Hi Friends! So happy to be here today…..although I have to say that guest posting for a fitness expert who also happen to be a spitting image of a smouldering Angelina Jolie (only prettier….not to mention much classier) is no small task!

When I started thinking about what I wanted to write about, I knew it had to be something to do with health….since Ami’s blog is, after all, centered on fitness. I started to think about health….and what it means to people across all ages.

To an 8 year old – health is solely related to a class all about brushing your teeth, applying deodorant and how to properly take a message for your mother

To a college age person,  health is a Flinstones vitamin and walking to class. 

To a 60 year old, health is getting to walk PAST the Depends aisle and not down it. 

To an 80 year old, health is becoming wise enough to secure your favorite doctor’s telephone number for speed dial. 

But what is health to the people our age? I think to most, myself included, it’s squeezing a workout in after work and before the bachelorette if we’re lucky. It’s buying fruits and veggies but pushing them aside for the TV dinner and break-and-bake cookies. 

I always save this blog for last because I know as soon as I read it, I’m going to feel guilty sitting on the couch instead of getting some cardio in!

So be inspired! Get up and get moving! Let “health” in your 20s and 30s and 40s be about balance and exercise and healthy eating. Here’s to our healthiest summer ever…..with a chocolate-covered cherry on top!

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  1. I think it’s interesting how health can mean diff things to diff ages. Great pictures to go with the post, hilarious as always 😉

  2. Cute post, Ashley! You’re such a clever writer! Thanks for introducing me to this blog!

  3. Love this Ashley! Mannn did I love me some Flinstone vitamins! and I love what you say about girls our age trying to to fit it in before the Bachelorette, ha

  4. I can’t even tell you how much “credit” I gave myself in college for my walks to class… my building was over a mile from my house! and the classes I walked to were usually dance classes! I was a pretty fit college student…

    …which is probably why I’m so “crazy” now about working out.

    But seriously… I’m following this blog now so I’ll be more motivated to eat a veggie. If I told you what I ate for dinner last night you’d be ashamed FOR me.


  5. Thanks for letting me post!! Wish I could go work.out RIGHT now….but I’ll be in “cube position” for the next 8 hours! sorry for the awkward spacing i sent over….maybe it will just make the post seem Suspenseful? haha

  6. Love this post! Ashley is fab, and so, so funny! Good inspiration for the day! xx.

  7. Soooo I still take Flinstone vitamins… what’s wrong with that?! ; ) You’re the best, Ash! Thanks again!

  8. i heartttt Ashley and her blog! 🙂 following you now! great post

    this is all SO true. My grandmother was 95 when she passed away this March. She was in great health up until the last 9 months of her life or so. Though she was old, she never gave up moving around. She walked around her house, cleaned, cooked, even though her doctor said she needed rest. I think something like that is so inspiring. No matter how old we are, health is important!

    I’m with Ashley…deciding whether or not to work out after my favorite show is HARD! haha sometimes I have no motivation. But I know that in the end, it will benefit me!


  9. Ashley, I love this post! You are such a great writer and I don’t say that to ANYONE!

    “I think to most, myself included, it’s squeezing a workout in after work and before the bachelorette if we’re lucky” = me!

    Love love loved it!

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