Guest Post! Sara in Le Petit Village

I’m moving today (balls) so I’ve asked my favorite small village living, french-speaking, hilarious friend from the states, Sara to guest post to keep you guys occupied. I’m sure you already follow her, but if you don’t, do it. Now.

“I never used to be much of a jogger, but since moving to France, my day doesn’t kick off right without a jog out of my village. I started jogging for a couple of reasons; 1) I’m currently a housewife and am blessed with time in the morning. Now instead of jogging in heels to catch the bus, I’m jogging in shoes that aren’t conducive to twisting my ankle. And 2) because although ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ (according to that book) women who move to France do (well I do anyway). I blame it on the baguettes, and croissants, and the cheese, and the wine… that damn delicious, inexpensive wine. So since I’m not willing to sacrifice my baguette, and my croissant, my cheese, and my delicious, inexpensive wine, I jog. Because really, what would be the point of living in France without all of that French goodness?
Every morning (OK, almost every morning) me and my dog head out and catch the rising sun. It’s completely quiet; just me and my dog, Fifty. It’s my favorite part of the day.
This is what we see as we bounce along…

Which, I have to admit, makes me love jogging in my little village almost as much as I love all the baguettes, croissants, cheese, and wine.

This post would make me hate her… if I didn’t love her so much already. Damn you for living in an adorable village in France! ; )
Thanks, Sara! Or should I say, merci?

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  1. Thanks for having me! And you are more than welcome to come for a jog with me and Fifty any time you’d like (although, I have a feeling we couldn’t keep up!) xo

  2. Amazing scenery : )

  3. I envy you! I wish I had the dedication to go jogging every morning.

    Also, I just spelled “envy” like “envie.” Clearly just thinking of La Petite Village makes my brain go French.

  4. So beautiful! I’d jog every day if I had this scenery surrounding me 🙂

  5. Lovely guest post! The photos are so picturesque. I wish that’s what I saw everyday!

    xo katie elizabeth

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