Halloween 2011

I’m missing Halloween this year! What a drag. Buuuut I’ll be in Thailand, so I guess it’s not so bad. Still. Dressing up is fun. Especially when you go as a group. This is my costume from 2009 – The Barry’s Bootcamp crew. So much fun!
The first season of Glee.
I was Quinn, back when she was preggo…
Maybe we’ll throw together something in Thailand? We’ll see…
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  1. Thailand is a pretty good excuse to miss Halloween.
    And that photo… totally epic!

  2. that is an aamzing costume! AND you can pull off blonde hair what? i went as jessica simpson one year…it was disastrous. I look awful as a blonde AND i was balding by the end of the night.

    THAILAND?!?! What are you going there for? I need deets!

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