Hallway Dance Party

*Allow me to set the scene*
It’s Wednesday night.
Tamara is packing for a trip
and I just got home from doing hill sprints w/ Crystal
(hence me being a mess). 
I had One Direction in my head, as usual lately.
Since I’d been singing it, Tamara got it in her head. 
There was only one thing left to do at this point:
Turn it on 
and crank it up… 
(as much as you can on your computer)
…and then put my phone on record to catch the action. 
And a big shout-out to my girl,
I know she’s with me on this one! 
; ) 
Impromptu dance parties are a regular occurence in this household. 
We like fun music. We like to dance. The dogs like to join. 
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  1. haha so fun, love it!

  2. Amazing Hallway dance video!!!!- Cait and Danielle

  3. And this is why I still wish I had a girl roommate.

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