Hand Hug

So my roomie got this from one of her ballet students, 
who got it from her boyfriend, 
who got it from his little brother, who’s 10. 
Got that? 
Anyway, I think this is hilarious
and it’s my new favorite way to greet my buds. 
The Hand Hug
ha! the lady in the chair behind us has no idea what we’re doing, but she looks highly intrigued… 
Easy and sweet. 
Step 1. Put hands together. 
Step 2. Wrap your thumb around their hand*. 
Here’s a closer look:
So grab your roomie, 
your buddy, 
your significant other, 
or anybody else with a hand 
(that sounds weird) 
and hug it out… 
without having too much full contact. 
I’m lol’ing over here. 
*don’t stay there too long… that could be awko taco
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  1. Awwww. That’s cute!

  2. I’m going to do this to my husband when he comes home, just to freak him out.

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