"Hangouts" are the ish…

Reasons why Google+ “hangouts” are the ish:
1. You get to video chat with buds anywhere in the world.
2. It gives you a few seconds before you go live to check your hair.
3. When you’re chatting with your bud
and you both hold your hands to the side,
it looks like a high five.
This is me and my buddy, Brian. Not only are we super cool, but now we can video chat and discuss horse racing at the Del Mar racetrack whenever we want.
I’m off to Chicago tomorrow so hope you guys have a great weekend! Holla! : )
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  1. you are so techy! i’m barely working the internet and you’re virtual high-fiving!

    have so much fun in chi chi! love it there!

    PS-the word verification blogger wants me to type in is “nunlings”….are those like nuns in training? or kids who want to become nuns? 😉

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