Happy Birthday, Blog!! 1 Year Old!

Guess who forgot it was her blog’s birthday… five days ago. Sorry, blog! To make it up to you, I’ll eat some fancy dessert tonight. Happy 1 year birthday, blog. You’re the bomb.

And thanks to all of you, dear blog friends, that read, follow, and comment. We heart you. Fo sho!

This past year has been cah-razy. Lots of changes. This blog started as something small and silly, and well… it still is. I’m glad I have the memories of the past year documented. I’m glad I have so many new friends throughout the world. I’m glad that I started this blog…

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  1. YAY! Happy Birthday!!

  2. happy blog birthday! i, for one, am SO glad you started blogging!

  3. Happy blog birthday to you! So happy to have met you in blogworld 🙂

  4. happy 1 year!!!

  5. cool blog… i’m very into fitness and always looking for new workout ideas since i get bored easily anymore. the trx looks incredible, i’d love to try it someday. hope i get to read more about it here! thanks for visiting my blog <3shelby


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