Happy Birthday, Lucy

You know when people ask you who you want to meet if you could meet anybody? Lucille Ball would be my pick. I mean who else is that talented, strong, funny, smart, etc? Today would have been her hundredth birthday…
I Love Lucy is my favorite show and always will be. My mother introduced me to the show when I was a kid and have always loved it. I used be a tad obsessed with her… like collect-every-piece-of-Lucy-memorabilia-I-could-find-obsessed. When I finally ran out of space to put all the ish I collected, I called it quits. But that didn’t mean I loved her less. I still will watch episodes that come on Nick At Nite.
Favorite Eps:
Vitametavegamin. (duh)
We’re Having a Baby.
(where she tells Ricky she’s preggo. so. sweet)

Her movies were great, the books about her are sooo intriguing, and she’s just one of the coolest people I wish I’d had the chance of seeing.
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  1. and i LOVE the one where little ricky’s drumming upstairs and she makes breakfast to the beat. gets me every time. 🙂

  2. oh yay, finally someone else who also loves “I love lucy”!! I love the one where they get stuck on the roof, and the firemen come. Or when they are in the chocolate factory. Of course, when she tells ricky she’s pregnant is always one of the best!

  3. OH.MY.GOSH! We are so twins!!

    So new plan, next time you visit Atlanta, we go for a run then have an I Love Lucy marathon. Yes?! Ok, good!

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