Happy Halloween!

So I know you guys all had your Halloween parties this weekend, and you took your kiddos (if you have them) trick-or-treating tonight… yay! But there’s not sense of the holiday here so it’s like I’m missing it all together. Anywho… guess what happened to me a couple days ago?
It all started out on our first day post-work.
A free day to relax and hang at the pool.

Then a little ocean time
like we’d been doing every day since…
then a little pain.
On my back.

Turns out… there were lots of these guys
chillin in the water that day.

Contrary to popular belief,
and to the disappointment of all my buds,
you don’t piss on a jellyfish sting
to make it ease up.
But the sap from these leaves help:

And a little visit from the hotel doc
who puts vinegar solution

So you get stung by a jellyfish,
then you get to smell like salad dressing.
It’s a good day all around.

Luckily though, it wasn’t as much pain as I thought it would be. And it was over in about 45 minutes. I think treating it quickly helped. And the fact that I wasn’t in Australia at the time… I hear their Jellyfish kill you dead if they sting you… That would put a damper on my vacay. Fo sho.

Happy Halloween!

: )

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  1. OH NO! jellyfish stings suck don’t they?! i got stung by once on my arm and it got all bubbly and gross!

    however you look amaze in that white number! i’m sure the hotel doc wasnt sad you got stung 😉

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