He’s Not Impressed…

Whenever music is playing, I’m usually dancing. 
I like to dance for Tango… 
you know, give him a little entertainment. 

He’s not impressed though. 

So now I do it just to see if he reacts or not… 

It’s usually not. 

Tonight, Tamara snapped these photos of me in action 
and his reactions (or lack thereof) are hilarious. 
Probably just to me…
He loves me anyway. 
I just know it. 
*And in case you were wondering what I was dancing to… it’s the Marry You song by Bruno Mars. The one from the wedding proposal video. The one that I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. 
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  1. I dance for Fifty too, he just looks at me like I’m a big weirdo. It’s so disappointing.

  2. Your dog’s expression in the final picture is absolutely priceless! I sing to my horses sometimes (dancing would freak them out) and they always look away in disgust. And then sigh.

    Can’t believe I just shared that.

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