Hey, Louisville! New TRX Bootcamp!

My new bootcamp session starts next week! 
Why should you join my bootcamp? Well… 
The program’s awesome. I’m awesome. ‘nough said. 

But if you need more than that, here are some other reasons why you should join:

  • YOU choose your level! Intimidated by taking a “bootcamp” if you’re not in peak condition? No worries! There are lots of options and I’ll show you how to scale each exercise to make it an appropriate challenge for yourself. Nobody puts Baby in a corner and nobody gets left behind in bootcamp! 
  • Train like the pros! Having said the above statement, YOU choose your level. If you are in top shape and want to keep improving, I’ve got the higher levels for you. I’ve been working with TRX for over 6 years and know alot about the high training levels and challenges it can provide. And trust me, I LOVE having people who are ready to try the fun/intense progressions of each exercise! 
  • There’s no thinking! I’ll tell you what to do, how to do it, and make corrections in your form if necessary. So if you’re worried about how to workout on your own and if you’re doing the right things correctly, let me help you out!
  • Workout with other fun peeps! The regulars in my camp are awesome! If you’re looking to workout but don’t want to do it alone, come hang with us. We work hard but laugh often. You’re sure to have a good time. The hour goes by a lot faster when you’re having a great time.
  • Clean your ish off before you go to work! This venue has showers so you’ll be able to get on the road and on to work right after we’re finished. No worrying about heading all the way back home to get ready. 
  • You’ve got options! Choose from once, twice, or three times per week. Some people want to get after it 3 days a week, but some don’t have that much time (or don’t want to wake up that early that much). So you choose your package and don’t worry about wasting money for sessions not used. 
  • We use GREAT equipment!  We’ve got TRX Suspension Trainers, Rip Trainers, and some other fun stuff that will keep you working hard and getting results. So put aside the dumbbells. Get off the boring machines (that don’t do anything for you). And STAND UP TO TRAIN! It’s fully functional and every exercise we do works your core. Ask some of the regulars; their bodies have never looked better and their performance test outcomes have never been higher. 
  • Train with somebody that knows their ish!  Not to brag (I’m totally bragging), but I’ve got some good experience. I’m a classically trained ballet dancer with over 20 years of training in balance, alignment, strength, and coordination. I’ve a got a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. I’m certified in Personal Training as well as Group Fitness. I’ve worked in commercial, collegiate, corporate, and private fitness venues in 3 different cities for 10 years. And I’m TRX Master Instructor who travels and presents this stuff all throughout the country. #brushinmyshouldersoff
So if you think you might be interested, need location details, and want to join, shoot me an email at fitwithflash@gmail.com! Have questions/concerns about the program or your current fitness level? Feel free to discuss. We’ll find a solution for you. Trust me, this program works for anybody, with any goal, at any level. Let’s have some fun, get after it, and get those results you’ve been looking for!

For some great tips on surviving a bootcamp, click here

~ Ami
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