Holla Atcha Girl! … or Your Fave Charity…

I suck at finding time to volunteer. 
I have the time. I just forget to sign up for things.
Plus, a lot of events happen on the weekends,
when I’m traveling…
SO the next best thing is donating to charities… 
I got a few charity auction invites this week, 
none of which I could actually attend, 
soooo sending money via the intronet!
My good friend, Lynn has an annual wine auction for her birthday. Each year she selects a charity to benefit and this year’s was the Flagship Program. This program sets up cultural, physical, social, and academic activities for youth in Missoula, MT. I couldn’t attend because she lives in Montana and I live in Kentucky, but sending money via PayPal made me feel somewhat involved. Great job, Lynnie! 
Donate here
Charity #2: Nanz & Kraft Florist and Maker’s Mark Four Roses 
(Because your heart is important and bourbon is yummy!)
An invite, in case you live in Louisville and you can go: 
To donate, mail your dolla dolla bills (not really, write a check)
to the address above or stop in and drop it off! 
Charity #3: Huntington’s Disease Society of America
(Wisconsin chapter, specifically)
My good friend and colleague, Shana Martin is a strong advocate for Huntington’s Disease research to find a cure. Her mom has the disease so it’s possible that she could have it too, though we’re all hoping she doesn’t! Shana does a lot of great things in the community, including a Re-Prom that will be a fundraising auction, an excuse to dress up and re-live Prom for a night, (maybe better than your first prom?) as well as have a generally kickass good time, I’m sure. I’m bummed I can’t make it to Madison, WI for what seems to be an awesome evening, but donating will help. : ) 
Donate here
So if you’re looking to lend a hand in any way, 
give a couple bucks to these guys.
It’ll be fun!
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