I confess…

“I Confess” theme by Carissa
  • I confess that I’m a hair-twirler and I can’t stop. Been doing it for years and I’m very much aware that it makes me look like a 16 year old idiot. Have you seen the movie Amelie? Know how she likes to put her hand in the barrel of beans? That’s me with the ends of my hair. Love the feel of it. Creepy. I know… 
  • I confess that I just found out last year that your car tells you which side the gas tank is on and you don’t have to just guess and hope you’re right (which I never am). There’s a FUCKING ARROW next to the gas icon on EVERY car out there. Were you guys aware of this?! Am I the only person that didn’t know about this? Anyway, this is extremely helpful since I’m in rental cars several times a month and I’m always wiggin’ out when trying to refill the tank in a hurry on my way to return the car at the airport. I just hate that I didn’t know it sooner. #facepalm
  • I skipped HBO in my hotel room last weekend and opted for Cinderella one night and The Lion King the next. Apparently I need to re-live some of my childhood movie nights. Or hang out with my nephew more. 
  • I confess I didn’t take Tango for a walk Friday of last week because it was 20 degrees outside. I let him play in the backyard most of the day and threw his rope in the basement a million times instead. “Hi. My name is Ami and I’m a horrible dog-owner.” “Hiiiiiii Ami” I made up for it the next day though… 
  • I always pack last minute, but I’m SO excited about my ski trip to Mammoth Mountain in CA next week that I’ve already started laying out my clothes. 
  • I confess that I hate being cold so much that I basically spend winter in two pairs of pants, my down jacket, and a beanie. Even when I’m inside. #sexylady

What do you guys confess today? 

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  1. I sure didn’t know about the gas tank thingy and layers even inside is not nuts. I hate the cold. I’d rather sweat.

  2. HA yes I just found out about the gas thing not too long ago and I was so excited then I was telling some people and they already knew! Ahh

  3. THERE IS AN ARROW ON THE GAS TANK THINGY??!! Mind. Blown. Seriously, I have to run out to my car and check this out. I feel like a moron!

  4. Okay for one thing, I had NO idea about the arrow next to the gas icon!! So thanks for sharing that!

    And two, when will you be in Mammoth?? I’ll be there this weekend 🙂 Probably freezing my butt off, but I’ll be there none the less!

  5. Amy! I get in Sunday afternoon at 2:30 (flying). I’ll be there until Thursday morning. Are you around still on Sunday? Maybe we can grab a quick drink! : )

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