I confess…

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I confess:
That instead of putting air in my tires myself (in the freezing temps) this week, I went to get my oil changed… ’cause I knew they’d do it for me. I don’t look at it as lazy, I look at it as resourceful. Whatev. Charli needed an oil change anyway…

That I heard Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror song, on shuffle, right as I was driving through Gary, Indiana (his hometown) on Wednesday and I take it as a sign that we’re connected…

That even though I know I’m not overweight or anything but the idea of having to be in a fitness photo shoot yesterday still made me feel a little self-conscious… so I worked out a ton leading up to it.
That I may or may not have ordered Monte Carlo on Netflix this week because it looks really cute and my inner pre-teen just had to have it…

And that even though being single is the best thing for me right now, it doesn’t help/hurt to watch sappy chick flicks and tons of Grey’s Anatomy. Still the best scene of the whole series:
Ah… I remember watching that live, back in college. When it was still on Sunday nights…
The good old days…
What do you confess this week?
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  1. I <3 that scene in grey's too! I was in college watching it with my close friends, so heartbreaking!

    Glad that Monte Carlo isn’t only speaking to my inner preteen!

    hope you have a fabulous day! Rock that photoshoot 🙂


  2. ok i totally wanted to see monte carlo! i would have watched it with you if i was there!

    ALSO – did you see Live with Kelly on friday? the CEO of TRX was on there giving a demo of the product…it was AWESOME! i totally want to order them now…however i think next time you should give the tutorial….and i should come as your assistant! 🙂

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