I confess…

Today, September 12, I confess:
That I haven’t cooked dinner in a week… been eating at restaurants ever since. Good-bye, money. I didn’t need you anyway.

That when I finally went to the grocery this morning I bought a lot of produce. And then I bought a package of 3 candy apples. One for me, one for the roomie, and one more for me. ‘Tis the season, eh?
That I’m way behind on Bachelor Pad and kind of upset about it. I hate not knowing what people mean when they tweet about the previous night’s episode.

That several times this past weekend, when I attempted to work on a big presentation I have to give Friday, I stopped to check Facebook, read the 2nd Hunger Games book, or just stare off into space. #attentionspanofafiveyearold
That instead of being thankful for what I’ve done, the people in my life, and the things I have at this moment in time I’m really just sad today. Today would have been my 2nd anniversary.
Didn’t see that one coming, huh? Sorry to be a downer.
Moving on…
Cheers, friends. To making this a good, productive week.
Deep breath.
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  1. Sorry you are having a tough day. Hold your head high, tomorrow will be a better day. If all else fails eat both apples. Yep, that would make me feel a bit better.

  2. i got waaay too into bach pad and kinda loved it.

    but blake holly? boo.

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